Ultralight Flight Training

Ultralight Pilot Permit
 Age: 16 years or older
 Medical: Category 4 Declaration
 Knowledge: Ground School Course and Transport Canada written exam
 Experience: minimum 10 hours flight time (including 5 hours dual and 2 solo with 30 take-offs and landings including 10 solo)
 Skill: Instructor determines that you are competent to safely operate the ultralight in normal and emergency maneuvers.

   Ultralight Pilot Privileges
 An ultralight pilot may fly any Basic or Advanced Ultralight Aeroplane or any aeroplane that has a 1200 lb max take-off weight or less and has a stall speed of 45mph or less regardless of how the plane is registered.
 Two pilots may fly together in any ultralight aeroplane but an ultralight pilot may not carry a passenger without a passenger permit.

 Ultralight aeroplanes may be powered parachutes, powered paragliders, trikes, and two or three axis fixed wing aeroplanes. Each of these types has totally different flying controls.